Ninja DT201 VS DT251 Detailed Review – Which One Is Better?

Ninja DT201 VS DT251 Detailed Review - Which One Is Better?

So, you’ve read a lot of good things about the Ninja DT201 vs DT251, when looking for an air fryer and/or pressure cooker, but you’re not sure if it comes up to expectations. You could pour over innumerable web reviews, but it would quickly become overwhelming. As a result, we took care of it for you.

Here you’ll discover an overview of Ninja foodi dt201 vs dt251, including key takeaways such as functionality, pricing, and how it relates to rivals. Check out our entire guide to air fryers to learn why the Ninja Foodi made our list of the best air fryers (and what else made the cut).

What exactly is a Ninja Foodi?

The Instant Pot advertises itself as a one-stop solution for all of your culinary appliance requirements. The Ninja Foodi, on the other hand, goes a step even more by utilizing a combination of a multi cooker with the convenience of an air fryer.

Pressure cook, slow cook, sear, steam, and air fry are all options for the Foodi. TenderCrisp technology is also included, which is a blend of pressure cooking and air frying that allows the user to easily cook items while maintaining a crispy quality. This feature, according to Good Housekeeping, distinguishes the Ninja Foodi from the competition. Since the Ninja Foodi’s release, Instant Pot has developed its own version: the Instant Pot Duo Crisp, which pressure cooks and air fries at the same time.

Having a Foodi is meant to save you from having to deal with three different machines (a pressure cooker, a slow cooker, and an air fryer.) It takes up more room than each of its pieces alone, yet it decreases clutter altogether.

Ninja Foodi DT251 Review:

The Ninja DT251, also known as the Ninja Foodi Smart XL Pro Air Oven, is the smarter of the two Ninja DT201 siblings. The embedded thermometer is the sole distinction between the two if you’re having trouble deciding. There’s also a button to control the temperature of your preferred meat. The recommended temperature for roasting a medium-rare prime rib is 130°F. The oven will automatically close off once it reaches that temperature. After that, all you have to do is take it out and set it aside for 15 to 30 minutes to cool.

The section of the comparison includes a list of all the temperature ranges for each type of protein, just in case. This handy thermometer has you prepared whether you’re cooking fish, poultry, turkey, pig, or beef. Aside from the smart thermometer, the Ninja DT251 has a few more features that I appreciate.

It has a 12-pound capacity, which is large enough to hold an entire chicken or perhaps a medium-sized turkey. In comparison to ordinary ovens, the Ninja Foodi Smart XL Pro Air Oven takes only 90 seconds to warm. Finally, it has a surround convection technology that means you won’t have to rotate your dish.

What can you cook in Ninja Food DT251?

The Ninja Foodi DT251 and its bigger brother, the Ninja Foodi XL Pro, are similar. Just the intelligent thermometer distinguishes them. So, in terms of technical ability, they’re both capable of doing the same thing. All of these may be accomplished with the Ninja Foodi Smart XL Oven. Please keep in mind that the Ninja Foodi Oven has four different rack levels. Depending on your recipe, there is an ideal rack positioning. I’ll attempt to address it in the following part, but if you’re still unsure, consult the quick start instructions that came with your device.

Whole Roast

With a 12-pound capacity, the Ninja Foodi Smart XL Oven can hold an entire chicken or maybe even a medium-sized turkey. The embedded thermometer will also come in useful if you want to roast your prime rib to perfection. It will turn off the oven at the precise temperature you’ve specified, ensuring that your steak is cooked to perfection. You may cook your sides in the air fryer basket on Rack #4 while your protein is roasted on Rack #1.

Air Roast

The Air Roast feature is for roasting a small quantity of meat or vegetables. For single rack cooking, rack #3 that’s where your sheet pan and roast tray should go. You may shift your roast tray and sheet pan to Rack #1 if you really need to roast two batches of vegetables or meat. The air fry basket may then be loaded onto Rack #3.

Air Fryer

Rack #3 would be ideal for air frying on a single level. The air fry basket is ideal for crisping French fries or other raw vegetables. When working with fatty foods like chicken wings or any other protein, nevertheless, the roast tray and sheet pan combo is meant to prevent grease from spilling onto the crumb tray. You may air fry on Racks #2 and #4 if you really need to air fry on 2 levels.


Racks #2 and #3 can be used to bake two pans of cookies, bacon, muffins, or pastries.


One of the Ninja DT251’s key advantages is its ability to dehydrate fruits and vegetables. Fruits might take two to three hours to dehydrate. If you enjoy jerkies, it will take 4 to 6 hours, based on the thickness of your flesh. Racks #2 and #3 can be used for bulk dehydrating, or only rack #3 for small amounts.


You must learn the technique of broiling as a home chef if you want to improve your culinary skills. This option might be useful when grilling steak or adding a golden-brown finish to a casserole dish. By the way, this function should be performed on rack #3.


I suppose the toasting feature is self-explanatory. However, one thing to keep in mind is that you must toast your bread on Rack #3.


The Ninja Foodi Smart Oven’s bagel feature is exactly the same. Rack #3 must be used. To produce a flawless toast, the bagel must be cut-side up.


On Racks #1 and #3, the Ninja DT251 can make two 12-inch pizzas. This convection oven will do honor to any pizza, whether you make it from scratch or have a frozen pizza in your refrigerator.

What distinguishes the Ninja DT2501 from the competition?

The embedded thermometer is the single feature that distinguishes the Ninja DT251. When the desired temperature is attained, the oven will switch off. It’s good for a medium rare prime rib, but that’s all it’s good for. I suppose putting the phrase “smart” rather than “XL Pro Oven with Thermometer” makes this device more appealing. In any case, if you already own a meat thermometer, the Ninja Foodi DT201 Air Oven model will save you some money. It accomplishes the same thing as the original, but without the thermometer.

Is it simple to operate?

The Ninja Foodi DT251 features only a few buttons, making it extremely simple to use. All you have to do now is acquaint yourself with the right rack positioning for each function, and you’ll be preparing like a pro in no time.

You may always refer to the quick start instructions if you get stuck. It’s basically a guide sheet for all the operations and how to properly set the racks. It’s also quite simple to use the built-in thermometer. Simply set the temperature you want and place the thermometer into the heaviest portion of your protein. It will automatically turn off once it reaches the temperature you specify.

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Ninja Foodi DT201 Review:

If you’re looking for an air fryer, you’ve probably seen the Ninja Foodi DT201 and DT251, two of the biggest models now available. What do these models, however, have in common? Are they comparable in terms of features and benefits? What distinguishes them? Which one do you think you should get?

To assist you make your selection, this article investigates what to anticipate from each model and evaluates them in terms of performance, simplicity of use, adaptability, size, durability, and pricing.

What can you cook in Ninja Food DT201?

The Ninja Foodi DT201 convection 10 in 1 XL Air fryer toaster oven has a number of tasks, like baking, broiling, roasting, browning, crisping, and warming, to give handy cooking alternatives. Fast cooking is possible thanks to a 90-second pre-heat period. When compared to standard deep fryers, the machine can cook with 75% less fat. In addition, the oven’s 10″ built-in digital display and electronic controls make it simple to select the temperature for your favorite foods! Yes, it’s more convenient to use than a microwave.

Power Consumption & Capacity:

Although both models have a 12 pound capacity, their wattage ranges from 1500 to 1800 watts. The greater the wattage, the quicker you can cook your food, or the less time it takes to warm until you start cooking your meal. Since you’re a busy woman who doesn’t have a lot of time to prepare meals, having an equipment that warms up quickly might be a huge help. On paper, both air fryers appear to be very identical, but there are a few minor distinctions.

System for Smart Cooking:

Bake, air fry, grill, rotisserie, and other cooking choices are available on both models. Both can prepare a wide variety of dishes, including chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, zucchini slices, and even frozen pizza rolls. The primary difference is that the DT251 features a Smart Cooking System (which uses sensor technologies to inform you how to cook various foods), but the DT201 does not.

True Surround Convection: 

True surround convection has three distinct advantages: Food may be cooked faster since all four sides of each basket are heated. Second, your food is heated from every aspect at the same time, which means there are no cold patches in your meat when it’s cooked, for instance. Third, genuine surround convection produces extremely uniform cooking, which is difficult to accomplish with a single front-facing heating element.

Handle for Digital Display:

Both Air Fryer models include a handle with a digital display screen on which you can configure them to cook your food using personal parameters or pre-programmed settings for various dishes.

Cooking Features:

Air fry, grill, broil, bake, convection bake, pizza bake, warm/proof bread dough, and reheat/defrost foods are all possibilities. Both air fryers offer ten cooking modes and a digital display with touchpad controls.

Function that can be programmed automatically:

The Ninja Foodi DT251 has an auto-programmable feature. The advantage of auto-programmable is that you may walk away without worrying about your food burning since it will switch off after a pre-determined time period.


The Ninja Foodi DT201 costs $299.99, which is less than its twin, the Ninja Dt251, which costs $329.99. Both are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you realize that either isn’t for you between working days of receipt it, you can return it. You can get a full refund if you return it.

The Bottom Line:

Although they appear to be fairly similar and share many characteristics, there are substantial distinctions between them that may be essential depending on your needs and tastes. So, what’s my take on which one is superior? In terms of personal taste, I prefer Ninja Foodi DT251 over Ninja Foodi DT201. Except for a few differences, many aspects of both models are extremely similar. The DT251 is my top option since it has smart cooking and auto-programmable settings.


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