Detailed Guide On How To Remove Rust From Oven Racks 2023

How To Remove Rust From Oven Racks

I know you have a big question on How to remove the rust from your oven racks. Don’t worry as this article will be a game changer for you and your kitchen!

Every homeowner knows the most irritating and boring chore is to clean dishes especially when the dirty dishes include rusty oven rack. Your oven rack can get covered with grimes, baked and burned pieces of food and grease.

Also, if you only use your oven rarely, there is a good risk the residue will build up. Putting off washing the oven racks would just perpetuate the problem and raise the amount of time and effort required to scrape deposits of baked-on food residue and grease. Although there are many families that are privileged enough to have a self-cleaning oven, it does come at a cost.

The self-cleaning feature eventually causes the racks to become damage over time. If you want to increase life of your oven racks then it is recommended to clean your oven racks old fashion way. Fortunately, by using following method, you will get the answer of “How to remove rust from oven racks?”.

Guide On How to Remove Rust From Oven Racks

How to take care of your oven and avoid rust?

If you implement the maker’s guidelines, ovens are intended to be used on a daily basis and cleaned once a week. This should imply that the oven is maintained clean and dry to prevent corrosion. However, you can have an issue if you have a vacant rental property, are leaving your home unoccupied, or have an oven in storage. The most straightforward approach is to have your oven thoroughly washed when leaving the door open or using a humidity collector. I have listed all the problem you can have while cleaning a rusty oven and the ways to avoid them:

Screws in the fan cover have rusted out:

The first issue is that the oven frame is rusting where the fan covering is attached by a bolt. When you are removing the fan covers, make sure to look for this problem. If the screw is all rusty then the screw simply twists but does not come out. The alternative is to loosen the screw with clamps and substitute it with a self-tapping screw with a larger gauge. The rusted-out screw heads are the second problem. This means a screwdriver won’t be able to grip it. In this scenario, the fan cover is washed while it is still in operation. If you need to detach the fan cover, for example, to replace the component, you’ll have to drill out the bolts and replace them with significantly larger ones.

Oven racks and side holders that already have corroded and rusted:

The causes for the tarnishing of the protective coating are debatable, but insufficient plating material is the most frequent cause. Heavy rusting will result from the corrosion and subsequent moisture inside the poorly ventilated oven. A scouring pad should be used to clear the rust. However, unless the oven is kept dry and clean after each use, this will eventually reappear. 

How to save the oven from rusting:

Leaving the oven door open for 5 minutes after use is the safest way to prevent a humid oven. When food is cooked, steam is released, which condenses to water after the oven is shut off and starts to cool. If you leave the oven unattended for an extended period of time, it can rust. Clean the oven to allow less moisture to accumulate on dirty surfaces.  

Methods to cleaning oven racks:

It’s a good idea to learn how to clean your oven racks and do so on an everyday, regardless of the kind of oven you have. You should be assured that cleaning them is simple if you use the proper technique. I have outlined five methods for getting the job completed effectively and efficiently in the sections below.

Dishwashing Liquid and Dryer Sheets:

Line your bathtub with dryer sheets to make drying your oven racks a breeze. Place the oven racks on top of the sheets and apply a half-cup of dish soap to the tub filled with water warm enough to cover the racks. Allow all to sit for at least one night. In the morning, leave the water and scrub the rack clean with wet dryer sheets. The antistatic properties of dryer sheets displace the food from the racks by weakening the bond, while fabric dissolving agents soften the cooked food. Since this process takes place in the bathtub, cleaning is simple after the oven racks have been cleaned.

Bath with Baking Soda and Vinegar:

You’ll also be using your bathtub for this process. Place the racks in the bath with no water in it. Sprinkle baking soda, which serves as a cleaning agent and odour remover, over the racks until they’re in line, and then soak them with vinegar. Once the foaming has subsided, fill the tub with warm water until the racks are fully covered, and leave them to rest midnight. In the morning, clean the racks with an old damp washcloth to remove the dirt and grease. Remove any remaining baked-on sludge with an old toothbrush or a brush with hard bristles. Add kosher salt to produce a more caustic washing method for very resistant spots. After that, thoroughly clean the racks before returning them to the oven.

Trash Bags with Ammonia:

This is the most common and simple “no-mess” form, but it’s also the riskiest. A huge plastic trash bag, ammonia, a trash can, a location outside where the racks can be left overnight, and a pipe attached to a water supply are all needed. Simply put your oven racks in the big, unused trash bag to clear the grime from your oven racks using this method. Add a quarter of ammonia to the mixture. Firmly close the bag and toss it in the trash.

After that, set them aside for the night. Since the gases can spread to do the work, the racks do not need to be coated with ammonia. To stop inhaling the gases that come out of the bag, take the requisite precautions. Gloves and eye protection would be needed. You should also wear something that you would not mind if it gets dirty. Using a pipe, vigorously clean the racks and watch the already cooked-on grease disappear. Install the racks in the oven after they have been rinsed and cleaned.

Using commercial oven cleaner:

Most industrial oven cleaners emit poisonous gases, so make sure to disinfect the racks outdoors in a ventilated and open environment if you plan on using one. Cover a work area with an old paper or a basic shower curtain. Arrange the oven racks in a layering pattern. Squirt an oven cleaning substance freely on all sides of the racks after putting on plastic gloves to cover your hands. 

Bath in dishwasher soap:

A bathtub, dishwasher granules, old sheets, and a couple of used sponges are what you need for this technique. Put wash cloths in your bathtub for this basic procedure. Alternatively, you should place a few old sponges in the corners to prevent the oven racks from scratching or damaging your shower. Carefully place the oven racks on top of the towel or sponges in your bathtub. Fill the bathtub halfway with warm water, barely enough to reach the shelves.

After that, pour in a handful of dishwasher powder. Let the racks sit in it overnight. If the marks continue after using this method, consider using something more abrasive, such as a dish scrubbing brush. If you’re washing an enamel oven shelf, be careful not to put too much weight on it. Often, avoid allowing the commodity to remain in touch with the racks for a prolonged period of time. Scrubbing into the corners and totally scraping old burn marks with an old toothbrush may be beneficial. Rinse the racks properly, dry them, and put them back in the oven.


To end, nobody enjoys scrubbing baked-on food spills, but at the end of the day we all have to or should do it. Cleaning oven racks can take a long time, particularly if you haven’t done so in a while. Your oven racks will be gleaming like new in no time if you use these easy and realistic techniques.

Cleaning oven racks is a time-consuming and messy job, but with these methods, you can get them back to its initial radiance in no time. Hope you have learnt something from this article, as I have put so much effort in explaining everything to you. Just be cautious while using ammonia or any commercial rack cleanser. Make sure you use any chemical in open and clear atmosphere. It has been fun teaching you. Goodbye till next time.

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