How To Marinate Shrimp For Grilling [2023 Updated Guide]

How To Marinate Shrimp For Grilling

Are you facing difficulty in marinating a shrimp? Don’t worry as we have a covered a detailed guide here on how to Marinate Shrimp For Grilling.

Hey! Are you a fan of seafood? Does it also include shrimps? So, you also like shrimps and want them grilled. Then you stumbled upon the right place.

Shrimp is not only tasty but has a variety of benefits. It is enriched with minerals, vitamins and protein. And it is also very good for your health. It has omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants which promote heart and brain’s health.

And you know the healthiest way to eat shrimp is by grilling because it requires the tiniest amount of oil. And you can marinate it in whatever way you like. So, the technique I am going to use is pretty easy and simple. Just follow me the steps.

Steps On How To Marinate Shrimp For Grilling:-

This is the easiest recipe that you could follow to marinate your shrimp. I have made it pretty easier for all the beginners. You just need to put your shrimp in four ingredients and let it soak for like 30 minutes. After that, it is ready to be on fire (grilling).

The marinate mixture get in the shrimp and you get all the flavours. It is easy, quick and nothing complicated at all. So, you can make it whenever you are in need of some yummy extra protein. This is protein have extra zest, spice and touch to it.


The shrimp needs to get all juicy and spicy. So, these are the following ingredients required.

  1. You can not make grilled shrimps without shrimps. I will prefer that you get jumbo-sized shrimps.
  2. Honey is a necessary ingredient. So, please do not skip this. Honey will provide sweetness to your shrimps. Moreover, honey is a great addition for marinate shrimp for grilling. It will provide great colour while grilling.
  3. To provide a salty-sour taste we use Soya Sauce. It is available in two types: low sodium and high sodium. I hope you are aware that the longer you marinate the saltier you shrimps will get because shrimps absorb soya sauce. So, if you are planning to leave your shrimps marinated for about two to three hours then I will suggest you go for low sodium soya sauce. It will not get bitter and will not be bad for your blood pressure.
  4. The ingredient I am going to mention is the key to have a tasteful and flavoured marinated shrimp. It is Garlic. It has the most flavour, especially when used fresh. If you want extra flavour then finely chop your garlic. More the garlic is sliced the more taste it will have.
  5. If you are like me and want everything you eat a little spicy then this is for you. Red pepper flakes are an optional ingredient. You can use it if you are a lover of spicy food as well. I will always recommend adding less and then taste the marinate, see if it needs more or not then add more. Add a ¼ teaspoon of red pepper flakes. And taste the marinate before adding shrimps. According to your taste see if you want spicier then add ¼ more.
  6. The next ingredient which you cannot skip is Olive oil. It is applied to shrimps before marinating it. This keeps the shrimps soft and prevents them from drying. You can substitute the oil but in my opinion, Olive Oil is the best. It is neither too oily or greasy nor is thick.
  7. Another optional ingredient is green onion and parsley. This is just required for garnishing and making your dish presentable. You should chop these vegetables finely before adding it in the mixture. This is necessary if you do not want chunky onions in your mouth.


The steps to make marinate mixture are mentioned as follow:

  • Take a bowl and add ingredients of marinade in precise quantity. Add two big scoop of honey, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 2 tablespoons of soya sour, red pepper flakes according to your taste and finely chopped to garlic cloves in a big mixing bowl. Whisk it with a spoon until all the ingredients do not form a homogenous mixture. Once the mixture is formed let them marinate sit at room temperature for about 10 minutes.
  • Put shrimps in a plastic bag or big airtight container. When shrimp are all set then pour the marinade onto the shrimps. Once you are down with this, close the seal or the lid. Make sure you remove all the air from the plastic bag. Gently press over the bag and make sure all the marinate mixture has covered the shrimps properly. The reason for using sealed plastic or airtight container is that the bacteria grow in your food at room temperature. That is why we marinate in a plastic bag and put it in the fridge. Moreover, less clean-up for you.
  • You can marinate for 30 minutes to 24 hours. If you are grilling shrimps for a dinner party at your home then I will suggest that leave the shrimps marinating in the plastic bag for a whole day. At least let it stay overnight. More your time you give in marinating more your shrimps will have taste and flavour.
  • You can use both iron or wooden skewers. Suit yourself and use any of them. But if you are using wooden skewers then I will prefer soaking it in water for at least thirty minutes. The wooden skewers will get burnt if not soaked in water. So, while you are marinating put them in water.
  • When you feel like your shrimps are ready to be grilled and have enough flavour than heat the grill. Heat it on 400 degrees of temperature. Add a little olive oil. and let it heat on the grill. Make sure you do not burn your oil. Otherwise, your shrimps will taste burnt and bad.
  • Add shrimps on skewers like a thread. Start from the top which is a sharp side and drag the shrimp to the bottom. Add at least four to five shrimps in each skewer. Keep them at a distance of one cm.
  • Now put it on the grill. Make sure your grates are cleaned. And you have remembered to put oil on the grill with a brush. If you haven’t then the marinated shrimps will stick to the grates. If you have preheated your grills for 400 degrees then it takes only 2 minutes to grill one side of the shrimp. Also, if you are using different size of the shrimps then the grilling time will also change. For example, I am using jumbo size shrimps and it takes 2 minutes to grill each side. So, f you are using smaller shrimps then the time will be less.
  • The best size of shrimps for grilling will be extra-large or jumbo. Reason being it goes on pretty easily on the skewer and do not fall. Moreover, they will not get cooked easily.

Tips on How to Marinate Shrimp For Grilling:

Some tips I which I think are great for marinating the shrimp for grilling are as follows:-

  • Preheat your grill if you want better-cooked shrimps. Brush the oil on the grater otherwise, the sticky marinade will stick to the grater.
  • Clean your grater thoroughly. If you haven’t cleaned your grater then the same thing will happen your marinate stick to the grater.
  • Use large size shrimps. They will be easy to thread on the skewer. Moreover, they will take time to get grilled.
  • Do not overcook the shrimps or they will become rubbery and uneatable.
  • Peel off the shrimps first before marinating. If the shrimps are nice and peeled then the flavour will be absorbed better.
  • Use flavour full marinate. The marinate should provide flavour to your tasteless shrimps. Do not substitute garlic or honey in marinate.
  • Use frozen shrimps rather than fresh or the shrimps you found at the counter on seafood section.
  • Soak your wooden skewers in water for thirty minutes so that they do not burn.

Eat with:

You can eat grilled shrimps on there own or eat it with different food such as:

  • Wild rice is extremely healthy. So, eat it with the side of boiled wild rice.
  • Eat it with roasted vegetables. Roast your vegetables with the seasoning of your choice. I will prefer garlic seasoning.
  • You can also eat it with roasted potatoes for extra carbohydrates.


This is the part where we say goodbye. But on a serious note, I hope you have understood this recipe pretty well. It is the easiest technique to marinate shrimps. Life has become so fast and healthy. And we are always looking for fast and easy healthy recipes.

This is the fastest and easiest recipe to make grilled marinated shrimps. This recipe that I have mentioned takes on 4 minutes to grill your shrimps. For all the diet conscious people out there, this the fast source of protein and is healthy.

Even the marinade is extremely healthy. Garlic is antibacterial and it provides the most taste to it. Enjoy it at the coming weekend or any weekday when you are extremely tired.

Lastly, I hope now you have a complete idea on how to marinate shrimp for grilling and if you have any problems do let me know in the comment section down below. Also, we have just published an article on Why does brown sugar gets hard so don’t forget to have a look at that as well..

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