Detailed Guide On How To Freeze Cookie Dough in a Log 2023

How To Freeze Cookie Dough in a Log

This article will explain “How to freeze cookie dough in a log?”. If there is one thing people will agree on then it is their mutual love for cookie. It does not hurt to be prepare for cookies. Moreover, in my opinion it is smart to have back up for fresh homemade cookies.

You can never know, when you need to whip a DIY gift, care package or for baking sale and you can never know when the midnight craving will arise for you or someone. In order to be 100% sure that you have an extra cookie, keep the frozen log of cookie dough in your freezer. Keep on reading in order to know the how can you freeze your favorite cookie dough. So, you will have your favorite treat with you all the time.

Types of cookies to freeze:

We all are friends here, lets be honest with each other: frozen cookie dough means having fresh, warm and gooey cookies at any time we like. I have divided the method of freezing cookie dough into three types:

  1. Chunky cookie: The best way to freeze chunky cookie dough like chocolate chip or raisin is separating it beforehand. Make chunks of cookie dough as you are going to bake it and then instead of baking it, you freeze it in plastic bag. Whenever you will need a quick fix of cookie, just take a chunk out and bake it.
  2. Slices and cut cookies: Slice and cut cookies are fairly smooth and tender cookies like short bread or sandy cookies. The way to freeze such cookies is to kneed the dough in the form of log and wrap it in wax paper. Once it is done, put it in the freezer. When you want to bake them, warm the log for few minutes and slice it. For better cookies, let the log thaw into the fridge for one hour before baking it.
  3. Cut out cookies: Most holiday cookies and sugar cookies are made by cutting out the dough. If you want to freeze the dough of cut out cookie then it can be frozen into disk like pies. Put it into fridge and wait until it is pliable. Once the dough is soft, cut out shapes for your favorite cookies. These types of cookies are easy to make then both of the type because it requires less time and it is labor saver. Most frozen cookies require extra one or two minutes in the oven than freshly made cookie.

There are number of good reasons because you have to keep cookie dough stash into your freezer. What if some visitor stops by or you need to send some special treats to your daughter or son in college? If you need more reasons then see the list below:

  • Easy to make: It does not take any effort to freeze the cookie dough. You just need to double the ingredients and separate the dough you want to freeze. You can have instant cookies at any time of the day.
  • It is great for making small batch of cookies: With cookie dough frozen in the form of chunks or disk, you can bake as many or less cookies as you like. It works great for portion control and especially when you have to serve only few people at the time.
  • Super convenient: If you are working mom then pre make the cookie dough for coming bake sale, holiday or a busy time of the year. You will never be embarrassed in front of unexpected guest visits or when you have to host dinner parties or lunch.
  • You will have special to serve when guests stop by.
  • Cookies can be presented as gifts for students, new parents, grandparents or anyone you love.

The method of freezing the dough for slice and bake cookies is given below:

  • Shape the cookie dough in the form of log: The recipe of making the cookie dough is similar. Prepare the dough as usual and put it on the kitchen counter. Once it is all smooth, give it the shape of one or two logs depending upon the size of your wax paper.
  • Wrap the dough in wax paper: Wrap the prepared logs into the wax paper and tuck the ends from both sides.
  • Freeze: Once the logs are nicely wrapped then put it into the wax paper then put it into the plastic bag or container. Do not leave any air in the plastic bag. Try to press out as much as possible. Label the bag and put it into the freezer. You can store the cookie dough into the freezer for up to three months.

Freeze dough for chunky cookies:

Freezing cookie dough for chunky cookies require a little more work. Follow the given steps:

  • Separate a portion of dough: You need to separate the portion of dough which you want to freeze. Cover the baking dish with parchment or a silpat. As you are not going to bake the cookies then you can place the chunks closer together. But make sure that chunks do not touch each other.
  • Freeze: Put the baking dish into the freezer until it is hard. At least put it in the freezer for six hours or overnight.
  • Package the cookies: Once the chunks are hard, put them into plastic bag and container. Press the air out of plastic bag and put it into the freezer for later use.
  • Baking chunky cookies: Line the baking sheet with parchment. Place the cookies on the baking sheet on few inches apart. You can bake as many cookies as you like. But baking will take extra minute or two.

Freezing cut out cookies:

Freezing cut out cookies is simple and easy. Follow the given steps for more clarity:

  • Shape it into disks: Prepare the dough as usual. Shape the cookie dough into two disks which are at least one inch thick.
  • Package it in plastic: Wrap the disks into the plastic or wax paper. Put it into the plastic bag or container of your choice. Once it is done, put it in the freezer and you can store it for two months.
  • Bake: Remove the disks from the freezer and let it in the fridge to thaw until pliable. Once it is soft, roll it into disks and cut out cookies and bake as you like.

Methods to avoid freezer burn:

Have you ever witnessed the freezer burns on your food? You open the fridge and there is ice covering your foods. This is freezer burns. To explain it simply, the freezer burn is simply dehydration that is caused by air exposure on the stored food. If you want to avoid freezer burn then store the cookie dough into an air tight container. In any case, if your cookies dough is not stored properly and gets freezer burn then do not worry. You can still eat it. But these burns change the texture and taste of the cookies. So, try to avoid it.

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Types of container to use:

If you want freeze your cookie dough before baking then stock up of simple kitchen items such as plastic wrap, wax wrap, plastic bag, airtight container and aluminum foil.


There are so many good reasons to freeze cookie dough. It does not matter whether you are freezing individual cookie dough for making chocolate chip cookies or slice and cut cookie for making sandy cookies or cut out cookies for making sugar cookies, I have mentioned best ways to freeze prebaked cookie dough and avoiding any freezer burn. Good thing is that I have mentioned every dos and don’ts of freezing the cookie dough in this article. Now enjoy your favorite treat at any time of day.


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