Detailed Guide On How To Clean Cast Iron Grill Skillet 2023

Having a question on How to Clean Your Cast Iron Grill Skillet? Then don’t worry as this article will be a magic for your life!!

The majority of families can’t picture their kitchens without a cast iron grill skillet. And if the cleaning method is a little different than you’re used to due to the grooves in the bottom, it’s not overly difficult. You’ll be able to clean a cast iron grill pan easily after you’ve figured out how to season the surface properly.

Furthermore, the finest hotdogs, sausages, and burger patties are cooked in a cast iron grill skillet. It is a long-lasting, extremely durable, and heavy-duty cookware. It will outperform the other nonstick and stainless-steel pans in the kitchen. Please remember that the best way of using your cast iron grill skillet for a long time without compromising your health or the taste of your food is to keep it clean and take proper care of it. Let’s look at some of the easiest ways to answer your question “How to clean cast iron grill skillet?”  

How to clean your cast iron skillet for the first time?

To use your grill skillet for the first time, wash it with soapy water, clean it thoroughly, and wipe it with a clean cloth. Then, uniformly cover the bottom with a thin layer of grease. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees Fahrenheit (205 degrees Celsius) for about an hour. After allowing it to cool naturally, you should assume that your pan is well seasoned and ready to use.

There is one thing you’ll have to do in the future is rinse down your cast iron grill skillet when it’s still warm after each use. To avoid tiny metal fragments showing up on the surface and spreading to your meal, avoid using a rigid wire brush. Let us see what you can do to clean it.

  • Washing: Often begin by thoroughly cleaning your skillet before using it to cook your dinner. Since it is not advisable to place the cast iron grill skillet in the dishwasher, do it by hand. However, a small quantity of soap can be used. We’ll go through a few effective cleaning techniques for this cookware.
  • Drying your grill skillet: To avoid corrosion, thoroughly dry the pan with a clean cloth or paper towel. 
  • Oiling or seasoning your skillet: It’s time to coat the pan with a light coating of cooking oil. It’s better to use a paper towel for this. It will apply a necessary coat to the surface without leaving any oil residue.

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Best ways for cleaning your cast iron grill skillet:

There are many ways to clean your cast iron skillet. Some of these ways are mentioned below:

Cleaning with boiling water:

This kind of cookware can never be washed in the dishwasher. In most cases, all you need to clean your cast iron pan is hot water. Keep in mind that you can only use this technique on a model that has high sides. Dispose of some warm grease in the garbage.

To stop clogging, don’t pour it down the pipe. Furthermore, since grease is a major toxin in running water, it is an environmentally undesirable solution. Fill the pan halfway with water (5–7.6 cm) and place it on the burner. Allow it to boil until the food particles begin to rise to the surface. Then scrape away the fried grease and food trapped between the ridges with a spatula. Before pouring dirty water down the drain, let the skillet cool, then clean it with hot water and wipe away the leftover food with a paper towel.

Using salt and water mixture:

Since the polished surface must be preserved, it is preferable to rinse the cast iron grill pan with salt rather than detergent. For scraping leftover food from the skillet floor, coarse kosher salt is an excellent gentle cleaning solution.

After using the skillet, drain the grease and leave to cool to the touch. To make a mixture, cover the top with salt and a little boiling water. Wipe with a sponge or a nylon brush between the grooves, all the edges, and over the edges. If required, season with more salt. Then, if possible, clean it with hot water and repeat. Using towel paper, dry the skillet. Before putting your cookware away, re-season it.

Using just salt:

To avoid corrosion, some chefs avoid washing their cast iron grill skillet with water. If you share this view or don’t have access to water, you should rinse your cookware with salt instead of liquid. Slather a generous amount of salt on the skillet’s bottom and rub it in with a towel over the leftover food. If necessary, add more salt and scrub until all debris is removed. Using a new paper towel, wipe the debris away.

Using soap with water:

There are two methods for using this technique and I have mentioned both of them below:

To avoid rust and corrosion, most chefs avoid cleaning their cast iron grill skillets with soap and water. When performed correctly, though, it is an important method for removing leftover food within grids. Keep in mind that washing with water will eliminate all of the flavour-enhancing seasoning from the surface, so stop it if at all necessary. Put gentle soap between the ridges of the grill pan, apply hot water, and clean with a brush or a sponge. Repeat the procedure by rinsing the skillet with warm water. Rinse the surface well and remove any residual soap.

Filling a plastic bucket with hot water is another choice. One teaspoon of dishwashing liquid per gallon of water is needed. Clean the skillet with a sponge or brush dipped in soap and water. Wash it well with warm water and pat dry with a clean cloth.

Using a brush:

Cleaning your cast iron grill skillet with a brush after each use is easy. This way, you will extend the life of this useful cookware without affecting the flavour of the cooking.  Allow ten minutes for the skillet to cool before removing as much excess food from the grill as possible. Scrape the persistent leftovers with a little hot water for a few minutes to soften them up. Finally, carefully dry the surface with a clean cloth before wiping it with oil to avoid corrosion and keep the seasoning.

Using salt and oil:

Apply a thin layer of oil to the skillet’s surface and spread thinly with a paper towel. Then, using a stiff plastic pad, rinse food scraps with a generous amount of kosher salt. To clear all of the dirt, use a permeable fabric.

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How to maintain your Cast Iron grill skillet?

There are five ways to maintain your cast iron grill skillet and I have mentioned all of them down below:

  • Cast iron skillets should not be washed in the dishwasher because they are not dishwasher safe. Although certain non-stick pans would just lose their defensive seasoning during this type of cleaning, a grill skillet would almost certainly corrode within a few cycles.
  • Fortunately, cast iron grill pans can withstand high temperatures, allowing you to cook your food over an open fire.
  • If your skillet has a non-stick coating, avoid using metal utensils when cooking to avoid damaging it. Plastic, on the other hand, would not scrape your skillet.
  • To avoid any surface harm, never wash your skillet with steel wool. Instead, clean it with silicone scrubbers.
  • To avoid trapping moisture from the air within your skillet, never store it with the lid on. Rust would most likely surface on your cookware as a result.
  • Preparing acidic foods in a cast iron grill skillet is strongly discouraged, particularly before seasoning. You should wait for a seasoning to develop. As a result, you can season a new cast iron skillet before using it. And tomatoes won’t be able to ruin the defensive layer after that.
  • After frying, never leave the water in your cast iron grill skillet. Unlike most cookware that can be washed after drying, this skillet would most likely rust rather than clean.

After-cooking treatment will still determine the longevity, usability, and attractiveness of your cast iron grill skillet. It will remain a valuable commodity in your kitchen as long as you know how to clean cast iron grill skillets properly and how to season them properly. This style of cookware improves with age, making it a wise investment in the kitchen. Furthermore, remember that the technique you use to clean your cast iron grill pan isn’t important. If you follow the after-cooking instructions consistently, your skillet will last a long time. Hope this article clear thing up for you.  


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