How Long To Grill Chicken Wings On Charcoal Grill

How Long To Grill Chicken Wings On Charcoal Grill

The question that is raised over and over again is ‘how long to grill chicken wings on charcoal grill?’ and we are back to provide you a detailed guide.

Grilled chicken wings, unlike deep-fried chicken wings, are enticing, smokey, and crispy on the outside. As a result, they are unquestionably the most popular and requested finger food at all grill-outs.

Whether you’re hosting a picnic with friends and family or a get-together with your coworkers, chicken wings are usually a hit. It’s no secret that the greatest way to liven up a summer BBQ is to serve chicken wings.

Chicken wings may be served in a variety of ways; they can be offered as a side dish or as a method to enhance the already delicious flavor of the cuisine.

The sort of flavor you want in your grilled chicken wings is determined by the sauce mix; thus, before you start grilling chicken wings, make sure you know what kind of flavor you want. The key to getting the flavor you want from your chicken wings is balancing the balance of sauces.

 For all game day grill outs, wings may be the most sought and favored finger food. And with good cause! It’s not unusual for me to go through 100 to 150 wings through one day when I bring my relatives and friends around to watch the match. When it comes to grilling wings, I always do it in a circular motion. With my charcoal in the center, I arrange all of the wings on the grate’s outside ring.

This offers the ideal setting for them to develop their grilling skills. It also looks pretty fantastic and is a terrific topic of conversation for everyone who comes over. Because the flavor of my wings is so distinct, I am frequently asked what sauce I use to wash them. The best thing about cooking the perfect wings on my charcoal grill every game day is that, unlike my favorite sports teams, I always come out on top mouthful after bite.

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Learn how to grill chicken wings over charcoal

To help you prepare for all of the upcoming family events and barbecues, we’ve put up a list of the things you’ll need to make the ultimate grilled chicken wings.

Ingredients You’ll Require

  • Split chicken wings at the joints (the quantity depends on the number of guests you are expecting)
  • a bottle of your preferred condiments (buffalo, teriyaki, or barbecue sauces)
  • seasoning with salt and pepper
  • garlic powder (about 2 tbsp.)

Here’s a step-by-step guide to preparing the tastiest grilled chicken wings in town now that you’ve prepared the ingredients.

Preparing the Charcoal Grill

If you haven’t used the grill in a while or will be doing so soon, the first step in preparing it for cooking. Cleaning the barbeque grill and ensuring that it is in functioning order are both part of the preparation process.

Remove any debris from the grill grates before starting the grilling process. The residue left on the grate might cause meat to adhere to the grill in the later. Scrub the gates to remove any leftover muck. Allow the grates to dry after rinsing them.

Cleaning is a task that is easier said than done. Nevertheless, if you are employing your charcoal grills for the first time in a long time, you must clean them first. You may start cooking your chicken wings after the charcoal grill is bright and shining and thoroughly cleaned.

Light the Grill

Fill the chimney with the proper amount of charcoal, making sure the briquettes are as close together as possible. Ensure to use caution when igniting the chimney since fire is harmful. To fire the chimney, I propose using newspapers. It’s enough to light the newspaper in many places to light the charcoal and distribute the fire in the charcoal barbecue. Place your cooking grate on the grill and let it to pre-heat to 425-450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Chicken Wings should be washed and dried

Before grilling chicken wings, make sure they’re thoroughly cleaned. You must verify that the wings are well cleaned. Wash each wing and each surface separately under running water. Make absolutely sure there are no hairs on the wings. While washing the wing under running water, remove all of the extra feathers. After you’ve double-checked that the wings are clean, pat them dry with a clean cloth. But, before you let the wings set, don’t forget to chop them into smaller, few more parts. When you dry the wings, you’ll be able to keep them from decreasing in size when you grill them.

Cut the Wings into Pieces

Cut the wings with a sharp knife now. The wing is made up of three parts, and it’s your responsibility to break it down into those three sections.

The drumette (like a drumstick), the wings (flat) or the double-boned wing portion, and the wingtip are the three elements that make up the wings.

Cut the wingtip first, then the drumette, and finally the wing portion in that sequence. When cutting, begin at the point where the joint meets the wing piece; the tissue is softer than that of the solid bone. Slice through the bone as you find this section, and you’re done. Once that you have the wings prepared in small servings, set them aside to dry while you prepare the sauces.

Make the sauces

As previously said, sauces are essential to the flavor of grilled chicken wings. The sauce can be marinated in a variety of ways. If you do not have any time to make your own sauce, pre-mixed sauces are available at many markets. The joy of the grill, on the other hand, is doing it all by yourself. It’s no fun going to the shop when you can play and create your own tastes. You may use whatever barbecue sauce you want that you believe would go well with the chicken wings.

Wings should be marinated

Wings can be seasoned in one of two ways: with a wet marinade or with a dry rub. Sauces work well with wings, and it’s a common method to season them. Put your wings in a re-sealable bag or container once they’ve been prepared, and then add your preferred marinade. Allow for at least an hour of soak time before grilling. If dry rubbing, season the raw chicken wings with your preferred barbecue rub or dry spice before cooking.

Establish a two-zone fire.

Create a two-zone setup with your coals. Light your coals and stack them on one side of the grill, keeping the other vacant. The wings will be seared on the hot side and finished cooked on the cool side.

Season the wings with salt and pepper

It’s your responsibility to season the wings while the grill warms up. Season the wings lightly with salt and pepper, then place them around the grate. Grill the wings while keeping an eye on the temperature of the charcoal grill. While cooking the wings, make sure the cover is closed. The grill is set to indirect medium heat until the meat is no longer normal.

Place the chicken wings in the proper order before starting to cook. If you’ve ever used a charcoal grill, you’ll know that the heat is concentrated in the middle. Placing the meal in the center of the grill might overheat it, rendering all efforts futile. Put the wings on the side of the charcoal grill, bony side down, fatty side up, with the bony side of the wing towards the center of the charcoal grill.

 Allow the meat to heat for 20 to 25 minutes on the grill before turning it once or twice throughout the cooking process. Turn the wings over one at a time to make sure they’re equally brown; this means you’ve got wonderfully grilled chicken wings. Unless you want to add another layer of flavor to your chicken wings, do it at the completion of the cooking process by dusting sauce or glaze on top. If you, do it before, the wings will wither.

Dish out the cooked chicken wings from the grill when they are crisp and golden brown. The amount of time it takes to grill chicken wings is directly proportional to their size, as well as the heat and configuration of the grill. The grilled chicken wings are ready to serve when the color changes and the crack in the thickest section of the juicy chicken smooths out.

How to Serve Your Chicken Wings?

As soon as the grilled chicken wings are cooked, lay them on a dish and serve them right away. Greens can be added to the grilled chicken wings, or they can be served with a salad. They go well with celery sticks and cream cheese dressing, as well as dipping sauces including barbecue sauce, ranch dressing, Asian sweet chili sauce, and a variety of commonly available condiments. Don’t forget to supply extra tissues for your visitors; they’ll need them to wipe their sticky fingers after eating the chicken wings.


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