Guide on Best Way To Microwave Pizza Rolls 2023 [Amazing Tips & Tricks]

Best Way To Microwave Pizza Rolls

If you are looking for a best way to microwave pizza rolls then look no further as we have shared some amazing tips & tricks here!!

The crispy, golden outside of a pizza bun is the nicest part. Unfortunately, they sometimes become mushy but still not as crispy as we would want. This guide will discuss the best way to microwave pizza roll so that they turn out exactly how we desire without any sogginess.

Microwave pizza rolls are a convenient way to enjoy a fast snack or lunch on the go, but getting them crispy may be difficult. So here are several tried-and-true microwave ways for achieving that crisp texture.

What exactly are Pizza Rolls?

Jeno Pauluci, a Chinese culinary professional, presented pizza rolls to the market in 1951. A breaded pocket is filled with chopped pepperoni, marinara sauce, and melted cheese in this snack.  Pizza rolls may be made in a variety of tastes.

Pizza rolls are a great food in Europe and America, and they are made out of little bread balls stuffed with cheese and other toppings like pepperoni or bacon. Microwave them to get a crispy surface and a warm inside. These rolls are tasty and tiny enough that you can eat more than one at a time. There are calzones that are the size of a dinner plate, but they are difficult to create at home. For the time being, stick to the lesser sizes and expand afterwards.

The issue with this tasty snack is that microwaves cook on the exterior, allowing the cheese and other ingredients to erupt from the little dough balls. As a consequence, the reheated pizza rolls are soggy and wet, and the cheese is all over the place.

Are Pizza Rolls Good for You?

Pizza rolls are intended as appetizers and should not be consumed as a major course. They have a lower nutritional value, with 220 calories and 9 grams of fat in a small pizza roll. That is not a healthy meal portion.

The rolls should be taken as a complement to a more balanced meal, according to nutrition experts. Other nutritious elements can be found in certain establishments’ rolls. Try these out and get some healthy pizza rolls.

How to Make Crispy Pizza Rolls in the Microwave

1st Step: Make Spaghetti

Drain the pasta after cooking it according to the instructions present on the back of the .

2nd Step: Get prepared Roll

In a microwave-safe bowl, melt one tablespoon of butter or margarine. Microwave on high temperature for 10 seconds, or until butter is completely melted. Garlic salt or garlic powder can be used. To blend, stir everything together thoroughly with a spoon.

3rd step: It’s dipped

Half-dunk the pizza roll in the garlic melted butter. Turn it over so the wet side is facing up and drain any extra water off. To avoid mishaps in your microwave later, place the now-coated pizza roll on a microwave-safe plate or dish.

4th Step: Microwave

Microwave the pizza roll for 1 minute, or until desired crispiness is achieved. Make frequent checks on your meal while it’s in the microwave! To ensure that both sides of the roll are uniformly crispy, turn it halfway through cooking.

5th Step: Have fun!

Follow the steps above to make as many pizza rolls as you like. If desired, you can top them with pizza sauce. If not, they’re still fantastic on their own.

6th Step: Cleaning up

Remove the bowl of garlic butter from the microwave and wipe it down with a moist paper towel to clean up any spills. Before putting the bowl in the dishwasher or washing it by hand, wipe it thoroughly dry with a paper towel.

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How Do You Make Soggy Pizza Rolls in the Microwave?

Pizza rolls are delicious, but they don’t crisp up well in the microwave. This is how to cook pizza rolls without them becoming soggy. Allow for a five-minute cooling period prior microwaving. Place the pizza rolls on a platter with a paper towel underneath them whilst they cool if you like them crispy. Microwave the platter of cooled pizza rolls for around 6 seconds when you want to serve them.

This will result in crispy hot rolls with a wonderful creamy inside! Place the pizza rolls on a paper towel to absorb any extra grease after they’ve been microwaved. Dab your pizza rolls in tomato sauce or mayonnaise, if desired, for an additional tasty treat!

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How Long Should You Microwave Pizza Rolls?

The power settings on most microwaves are high and low. The first step in making crispy pizza rolls in the microwave is to make sure your microwave is set to the appropriate power level. Set your microwave to medium-high if you’re only cooking one or two servings. Use the high setting if you’re making more than four servings. Microwave cooking time is variable, so you’ll have to test until you figure out what works for you.

How Hot Should Pizza Rolls Be in the Microwave?

While heating, the temperature of the pizza rolls must reach 165° Fahrenheit. You may use a food thermometer to check the oven temperature during the making of pizza roll. If your microwave lacks a built-in thermometer, buy one that hangs over the edge of the plate. This allows you to verify the temperature of oven’s inside for both cold and hot items without having to remove them from the microwave.

Microwave Pizza Rolls compared to Oven Pizza Rolls

  • The microwave speeds up the process of making pizza rolls. If you have the same amount of pizza rolls in the microwave and the oven, the microwaved ones will bake quicker. They take around 2 minutes to prepare, however baking takes up to 20 minutes. The flavor of oven-baked pizza rolls is better to microwave-baked pizza rolls.
  • The rolls take longer to bake in the oven, but they are worth the wait since they are crispier and have a superior flavor. People who eat rolls prepared in microwaves found the rolls to be a tad bland in flavor.
  • When eating pizza rolls cooked in the microwave, don’t expect to get chilly bits. The microwave spreads heat uniformly and to all sides of the rolls during the 2 minutes it takes. This is a regular issue with oven-baked goods. The rolls are poor since certain portions do not obtain enough heat.
  • Pizza rolls prepared in the oven are a popular option. We found that many individuals prefer oven-baked rolls when reading various evaluations. Chefs and skilled cooks confess to using this strategy more frequently. Most say microwave rolls are the best, everybody has their own preferences. Ovens are more costly than microwaves. An oven may be expensive, especially for those on a tight budget.
  • Crunchy pizza rolls are baked, whereas soft pizza rolls are cooked in the microwave. If you like crispy rolls, go for oven-baked rolls, and vice versa. Because the outside takes more heat than the interior, it becomes harder. The softness is due to the microwave uniformly heating both the interior and outside.
  • Microwaved rolls are chewy, and oven rolls are crispy. Since the heat dries the water on the exterior, the former is crispy. Because there is still moisture in microwave rolls, they are mushy.

Some recommendations and assistance:

  • Make sure the tortilla dough is smoothed out evenly. The pizza rolls will turn out soggy or burned in certain parts if there are thick or thin portions in the dough.
  • Don’t use too much sauce! If you do, your pizza rolls may get soggy. Only use a small amount, perhaps 1 tablespoon, to taste.
  • If you stack your pizza rolls too close together, they’ll come out crispy on the outside but mushy in the inside.
  • Don’t overcook your food! Do 90 seconds total for a maximum of 2-3 minutes! When your pizza muffins are done cooking, they should be somewhat hard on top, comparable to what they’d look if you left it in the oven further.
  • After the cooking is finished, add any additional toppings, such as cheese, and keep in a sealed container.


The final takeaway from this article is rotating your pizza rolls halfway through the cooking time is the best method to make them crispy in the microwave. When microwaving your pizza roll for 45 seconds, for example, turn after 20-25 seconds and cook for another 15-20 seconds till finished. Any unappealing soggy messes should be taken care of with this!

I am really happy that you stumbled upon my blog and discovered best way to microwave pizza rolls. What additional cooking-related inquiries do you have? If not, I hope this blog article was informative and addressed any concerns you may have. Have a wonderful day!


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