9 Best Rolling Pin For Tortillas 2022 Consumer Reviews

Best Rolling Pin For Tortillas

Having difficulty in finding the best rolling pin for making tortillas? Look no further as this article has covered it in detail over here!!

Hey. They are many comfort foods that I like and the list also includes Tortillas. I have spent much time looking for a good tortilla pins and not only I found one but I created a whole list of Best Rolling Pins for Tortillas. Tortillas are staple for making dishes such as burritos, chicken wraps, tacos etc.

Now don’t come at me and say ‘we can buy a tortilla’ because the best tortilla is the one made by hand. There comes a sense of satisfaction preparing your own tortilla. Many people have different techniques for it but the most efficient one is using a rolling pin. The rolling pin a cylindrical utensil uses for preparing food such as tortilla, pizza dough and cookies.


We totally value the time of each consumer who is looking to purchase a new rolling pin so if you don’t want to go through the whole article and you are in hurry then don’t worry as we have provided these 3 top picks from the entire list which you can purchase blindly.

What is the best method for preparing tortilla?

Tortillas can be made by various methods such as using tortillas presses which makes tortilla too thin, hand to press the dough which keeps the tortilla thick, cast iron pan to flatten the dough but the best method is to use a rolling pin for it. When you are on the hunt of best rolling pins for making tortilla, make sure you consider the following things:

  1. Material: The tortilla rolling pins comes in many materials such as wooden pins which are handy and light weight but absorbs food color and odor. They also come in stainless steel which is easy to clean after the use but weighs much more than wooden rolling pins.
  2. Diameter: Rolling pins comes in different diameters. But the rolling pins with large diameter is easier to use and handle then the one with less diameter.

9 Best Rolling Pin For Tortillas (Comparison Table)

TedGem 15.75TedGem 15.75" Smooth Stainless Steel Metal Rolling Pin
  • Multi-purpose rolling pin
  • Adjustable ring
  • Easy to clean
Check Price
Eco-friendly Natural Beech Wood Dough RollerEco-friendly Natural Beech Wood Dough Roller
Check Price
K BASIX Rolling Pin For TortillasK BASIX Rolling Pin For Tortillas
  • All-Purpose Rolling Pin
  • Non-Stick
  • Built to Last 
  • Easy to Wash
Check Price
Farberware Classic Wood Rolling PinFarberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin
Check Price
HONGLIDA French Rolling PinsHONGLIDA French Rolling Pins
  • Comfortable to hold for smooth rollout.
  • The surface is very smooth with no dents and small gaps!
  • Made by selected premium bamboo wood.
  • Safe, healthy and durable.
Check Price
Greenco Hand Crafted Rolling Pin MarbleGreenco Hand Crafted Rolling Pin Marble
  • Natural elegant stone with unique patterns and colorations
  • Pin remains cool and features a smooth surface
Check Price
KitchenAid KO318OHERA Gourmet Rolling PinKitchenAid KO318OHERA Gourmet Rolling Pin
  • Ideal for rolling dough
  • Non-stick coating
  • Off set handles
  • Multiple storage options
Check Price
NASNAIOLL Silicone Rolling PinNASNAIOLL Silicone Rolling Pin
  • Food-grade high quality silicone,
  • Non-stick surface makes rolling dough and clean up easy
  • Secure and sturdy handles
  • Easy to clean by hand or dishwashers top rack
Check Price
HQDeal Sleek Wooden Rolling PinHQDeal Sleek Wooden Rolling Pin
  • Made of beautiful and durable white marble
  • Cool and smooth surface with natural non-stick properties
  • Includes comfortable wood handles and resting base
  • Features nylon ball bearings for very smooth rolling
Check Price

9 Best Rolling Pin For Tortillas (Buying Guide)

1. TedGem 15.75″ Smooth Stainless Steel Metal Rolling Pin

Category: Best stainless-steel rolling pin for tortillas.

Rolling Pin with Thickness Rings and Pastry Mat Set for Baking Cookie Chapati Fondant Dough Pastry Pizza Pie Crust, Stainless Steel Roller Pin

Are you looking for an easy to clean and hygienic rolling pin? So, allow me to present you Rolling Pin, TedGem 15.75″ Smooth Stainless Steel Metal Rolling Pin. This is big enough to flatten the dough for tortillas at once. This is heavy but this trick is to go slowly to handle it.

  • Features:  This rolling pin has following features:
  • This has stainless steel nonporous body which means it does not absorb odor and is much hygienic than any other rolling pins. You can put this in refrigerator to chill and then cool your dough with it.
  • This is also dishwasher safe. Even after years of use, you will not observe a crack in it this rolling pin.
  • It does not have any handle. So, holding it makes difficult.
  • Material: The TedGem rolling pin is made up from stainless steel.
  • Size: This overall length of this rolling pin is 15.7 inches and it approximately weighs 10.2 ounces.   
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Big in size
  • Stainless steel body
  • Cools the dough
  • Durable
  • Heavy
  • Uncomfortable to hold.

2. Eco-friendly Natural Beech Wood Dough Roller

Category: best 100% natural rolling pin for making tortillas.

Rolling Pin 15-3/4 Inch by 1-3/8 Inch VANZAVANZU Eco-friendly Natural Beech Wood Dough Roller Classic Wooden Rolling Pins for Baking Pasta Fondant Cookies Pizza Ravioli Dumpling Pie Pastry

Are looking for a lightweight eco-friendly rolling pin? Then you will be happy with my next pick which is Rolling Pin 15-3/4 Inch by 1-3/8 Inch VANZAVANZU Eco-friendly Natural Beech Wood Dough Roller Classic Wooden Rolling Pins. It is made up from 100% natural beechwood and has no oil/paint/wax covering on it. This is only hard to wash.

  • Features: This rolling pin has following features:
  • It has porous surface and it tends to absorbs odor. You cannot put it in the fridge for cooling and it does not come with a handle.
  • You cannot wash it in dishwasher and cannot use alkali or acid material while washing it.
  • This is lightweight and easy to work with. You can make tortillas, cookies etc.
  • This is made from hardwood that makes it more durable than any other wooden rolling pin.  
  • Material: VANZAVANZU rolling pin is made beechwood.
  • Size: This rolling pin is 15.07 inches long and it weighs 10 ounces.
  • 100% natural wood
  • Light weight
  • Nominal price
  • Less effort
  • Durable
  • It is not dishwasher safe.
  • Porous

3. K BASIX Rolling Pin

Category: Best rolling pin made from classic wood.

K BASIX Classic Wood Rolling Pin , Non-Stick Rolling Pin for Baking , Professional Dough Roller, Used by Bakers & Cooks for Pasta, Cookie Dough, Pastry, Bakery, Pizza, Fondant,Chapati, 16.5” by 2.2”

Are you looking for a rolling pin which is easier to hold? I have found it for you, this my friend is K BASIX Rolling Pin – Classic Wood – Professional Dough Roller. This has two handles that makes it easier to operate and apply even pressure.

  • Features: This has a very sturdy appearance. It has:
  • This is a multipurpose rolling pin which can be used for making pizzas, tortillas, chapatis etc.  
  • This made from hard wood, so it sturdy, durable and will not splinter with time.
  • The design includes to wooden handle at each side which makes it easier to hold. The drum move freely between the two handles.
  • It can not be washed is dishwasher and handwashed is recommended without any acidic or alkaline liquid.
  • Material: K BASIX rolling pin is made up from Classic Wood.
  • Size: This rolling pin has drum length of 9.8 inches and the handle at both sides are 3.3 inches which makes it 16.5 inches long. It weighs 14.4 ounces.
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight
  • Natural hard wood.
  • Nominal price.
  • Easy to handle
  • Difficult to wash
  • Big in size

4. Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin

Category: best classic American rolling pin at affordable price.

Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin, 17.75-Inch, Natural

Hey there I am bringing The best rolling pins that amazon has to offer. This my friend is Farberware Classic Wood Rolling Pin, it is durable and strong. This rolling pin is multipurpose and can be used to make dishes other than tortillas. This is easy to hold and work with but the only flaw you will encounter is that it is difficult to wash.

  • Features: The design is very classy and elegant. It has following amazing feature:
  • This is made from hard wood which is strong, durable and moisture resistant.
  • This has nylon rolling bears which are rust proof and smooth.
  • It can be washed using a damp cloth and alkaline or acidic solution should not be used.
  • This has an ergonomic style and is easier to hold. You can apply even pressure on the dough.
  • Material: The rolling pin is made up from wood. The rolling bears between the handle and the drum are made up from nylon.  
  • Size: The overall size is 17.7 inches which all include the handles and it weighs 1.04 pounds.
  • Large size
  • Durable
  • Nominal price
  • Easy to handle.
  • Hard to wash

5. HONGLIDA French Rolling Pins

Category: Best bamboo rolling pin for making tortillas.

HONGLIDA Classic French Rolling Pins Bamboo Wooden Rolling Pin for Baking Pizza Dough Pie Cookie, 13-Inch

If you are looking for French rolling pin with tapered edges then this might be the one for you, it is HONGLIDA French Rolling Pins Bamboo Wooden Rolling Pin for Baking Pizza Dough. This is easy to hold and use. If you want your dough to have even thickness then this is the ONE for you.

  • Features: First of all, this is French Rolling pin which has tapered around the edges. It has following features:
  • As it is made from bamboo, it is environmentally friendly and 100% natural. If taken care properly, this will last you for years to come.
  • It is extremely light weight and easier to handle. The length is extremely popular because this is ideal for all purposes. You can flatten any type of dough with it.  
  • This rolling pin has a smooth surface with no pores or dents. Use a damp cloth to clean it.
  • Material: This French rolling pin is made up from bamboo wood
  • Size: This HONGLIDA rolling pin has an average size of 13 inches which is ideal for all purposes. It weighs 6.4 ounces.
  • Environment friendly
  • Easy to use
  • Smooth surface
  • Nominal price
  • Difficult to handle and wash.

6. Greenco Hand Crafted Rolling Pin Marble

Category: Best marble rolling pin for making tortillas.

Greenco Hand Crafted Rolling Pin Marble, 1-Pack

Hey are you still looking? Well this might catch your attention. It is Greenco Hand Crafted Rolling Pin Marble in a classic American roller design. This weighs a lot, so, be careful while working around it because too much pressure can crush your dough.

  • Features: This is a marble rolling pin with all the amazing features such as:
  • As it is made from marble, it weighs a lot. So, you can flatten any type of dough without applying much pressure.  
  • It is a multipurpose rolling pin which can flatten the dough for making tortillas, pizza, cookies etc. This has a nonstick surface, so, cleaning will not be difficult. It can be washed it dishwasher but handwash is recommended. Also, do not use any acidic or alkaline thing on it because it will cause discoloration on the marble.
  • This comes with a wooden resting base to put it when you are not using it because marbles are slippery and tend to slip through the counter top.
  • Material: The handles are made from wood and the rest is hand crafted white marble.
  • Size: This Greenco marble rolling pin has overall length of 18 inches which includes barrel length of 10 inches and 4 inches of handle on each side.
  • Multipurpose
  • Dishwasher safe
  • 100% natural marble
  • Easy to handle
  • Nonstick
  • Heavy weight and large size
  • Expensive

7. KitchenAid KO318OHERA Gourmet Rolling Pin

Category: best carbon steel rolling pin for making tortillas.

KitchenAid Gourmet Rolling Pin, One Size, Red

Are you looking for a roller pin that will last you a very long time? Well do not look more because I have found KitchenAid KO318OHERA Gourmet Rolling Pin which is made up from sustainable material. This is durable and sturdy.

  • Features: This has a minimal design and following feature:
  • The barrel has nonstick coating which means that dough will not stick on your rolling pin.
  • As it is made from carbon steel, it weighs a lot. This is a multipurpose rolling pin can it can be used for making pies, pizza, cookies and tortillas.  
  • This is easy to wash but you cannot wash it in dishwasher and handwash is recommended. Use warm water and some soap but dry it immediately.
  • It has a hole in one handle that provides you option for storage.
  • Material: The barrel is made up from carbon steel which have nonstick coating. The handles are made from plastic.
  • Size: This has an overall size of 22 inches and it weighs 2.44 pounds.
  • Carbon steel barrel
  • Nonstick coating
  • Easy storage
  • Silicone handles
  • Expensive
  • Hand wash
  • Heavy and big size

8. NASNAIOLL Silicone Rolling Pin

 Category: Best nonstick rolling  pin for making tortillas.

NASNAIOLL Silicone Rolling Pin Non Stick Surface Wooden Handle 1.97X15.15 (Blue)

Are you looking for something that is nonstick and easier to clean? In this case, I present you NASNAIOLL Silicone Rolling Pin Non Stick Surface Wooden Handle. This is made up from silicone which is a nonstick material. Any disadvantage that you might have will be its big size.

  • Features: This comes in different colors and following features differentiate it from other rolling pins:  
  • NASNAIOLL rolling pin is nonporous and will not absorb the odor. This rolling pin is easier to wash. Either wash it on top shelf of dishwasher or handwash it.
  • The silicone makes it nonstick and it needs way less flour than any other rolling pin to spread the dough.
  • The wooden handles provide good grip and make sure you can apply good amount of pressure.
  • This is extremely lightweight and easy to use.
  • Material: The barrel is made up from BPA free silicone and the handles are wooden.
  • Size: It is 15.1 inches long and it weighs 0.34 ounces.
  • Light weight
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Nonstick surface
  • Nominal price
  • Big size

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9. HQDeal Sleek Wooden Rolling Pin

Category: best wooden rolling pin with H shape.

Fox Run Polished Marble Rolling Pin with Wooden Cradle, 10-Inch Barrel, White

Are you looking for a rolling pin that is different than the rest? Well congrats because you found it, this is HQDeal Sleek Wooden Rolling Pin, Natural Wood Smooth Roller Kitchen Utensils. It is unique, sturdy and comes with half year warranty.

  • Features: It is not an average rolling pin as it has many features such as:
  • It has a H shape and has two rolling pins which can be used for different purpose. It is durable and you can clean it by a damp cloth.
  • The wooden surface is free from all kinds of oil, wax and paints. It is sturdy and reliable.
  • The is a multipurpose rolling pins which can be used to make tarts, pizza, pies and tortillas. 
  • Material: The rolling pins are made up of beech wood and the frames that is joining the two rolling pins together is made from stainless steel.
  • Size: There are two rolling pins in one. The overall length is 7 inches. However, the top one 10 cm and the lower rolling blade is 6.2 cm. This weighs 5.6 ounces.
  • Nominal price
  • Stainless steel frame
  • 2 in one rolling pin
  • Wooden roller
  • 6 months warranty
  • Difficult to wash
  • Porous surface

Materials that can make rolling pins:

Rolling pins for tortillas can be made from three materials such as wood, stainless steel and marble. A little description of rolling pin made from each material is given below:

  • Wooden Rolling pin: these types of pins are made from hardwood. Hence, they are sturdy and will last you a long time. They are lightweight and even your grandmother can make tortillas using it. The disadvantage is that they cannot be washed in dishwasher. The wooden rolling pins tend to absorb the odor of dough and the dough also stick to the rolling pin. Also, you cannot keep in them in fridge for cooling, so, you cannot cool your dough using it.
  • Stainless-steel rolling pin: The stainless-steel rolling pins have no pores. Hence it will neither absorb the moisture nor the dough will stick to it. You can keep your dough cool by putting it in the freezer. This is easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Bu tone of the clear disadvantage of stainless-steel rolling pin is that it is much heavier than wooden rolling pin and there are chance we might crush our dough with it. This is also uncomfortable to hold then wooden rolling pin.
  • Marble rolling pin: Marble rolling pins do not have porous surface. So, it will not absorb the moisture or odor of your dough. They are good at managing heat, so, they will keep your dough cool. You can wash it in the dishwasher and they are much more sanitary than wooden rolling pins. The only disadvantage is that they are so heavy that they can crush your dough when you are not careful.

Types of rolling pins:

There are different types of rolling pins. For every continent there is different rolling pin used for preparing their cuisine. Each rolling pin is design for specific purpose such as rolling pasta, noodles, tortillas or chapatis. I have mentioned three most important types of rolling pins below:

  • Tapered Rolling pin: The tapered rolling pins are ideal for rolling the dough of cookies and pastries. This type of rolling pins is easy to grip due the tapered edges coming out of it. You can go as hard as you like on yeast dough and spread it along the way. Don’t buy a tapered rolling pin that has huge size difference between the edges and center, a minimal taper is just fine.
  • Straight rolling pin: straight rolling pins are great when you want the dough of equal thickness and shaped does not matter such as while making cookies the dough should be even and you can change the shape using shape cutter.
  • Rolling pins with handle: These rolling pins are easy to hold in place and they provide comfortable grip. But they are not good when comes to applying pressure. If you want more pressure then use rolling pins without handles but they cannot hold the dough in place and has very uncomfortable grip.

There are other three types based on American realms which are mentioned as follow:

  • A classic Shaker pin: It is the type of rolling pin that you have seen your grandmother work with because it never goes out of style. This type of rolling pin is made of one-piece wood with the handle carved out at the edges.
  • A French pin: This is also made up from hardwood such as beechwood. It can either be tapered or straight pin. It does not have handles rather than it has straight or tapered edges.
  • A classic American roller: It has a free moving center that can move between the handles independently. This type of rolling pin is generally made of wood, marble and silicone.


Hey you made it down here. This is the last part and I have some insight to share with you. I have eaten tortillas that are ready made but trust me the homemade one is really healthy and yummy. And to made tortillas, you need rolling pins. I have weight, size, material and type of the rolling pin before putting it in the list.

These are the nine best rolling pins available on amazon. I have tried to make it as comprehensive as I can but if you have any more queries then see the review given below on amazon. There are different options of rolling pin for everyone. If you want non-stick and easy to clean rolling pin than opt for silicone made rolling pin. If we you want light weight and sturdy then buy wooden rolling pin. Have a happy shopping.


How to make tortillas if you don’t have a rolling pin?

You have lost your rolling pin or didn’t bought it. In any case, use a wine bottle for flattening the dough because the wine bottle looks just like rolling pin and it is also handy.  

What is reason when tortillas are not bubbling?

If your tortillas are not bubbling it either means your baking soda is old and not working or you have forgot to add the baking soda in it.  


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