13 Best 32 Inch Wide Refrigerator 2023 Consumer Review Detailed Guide


I have assembled a list containing Best 32 inch wide Refrigerator. Hey there. Are you renovating your kitchen and your old refrigerator does not go with the ambiance of your new kitchen? Don’t worry!!  You cannot argue that you don’t need a good refrigerator unless you want to spoil all your food.

A 32 inches wide refrigerator is big enough to store all the leftovers, your meal preps for the week, fruit, vegetables, frozen food, drinks and still have space to store more. It is an essential for all households. So, why not buy the best one that fits all your refrigerator requirements.

All the mentioned refrigerators are not only having good specifications but also have excellent review on Amazon. These refrigerators can fit in between the cabinets or can stand alone, according to your preference. Without wasting your time, let’s begin with the article.


We totally value the time of each consumer who is looking to purchase a new refrigerator so if you don’t want to go through the whole article and you are in hurry then don’t worry as we have provided these 3 top picks from the entire list which you can purchase blindly.

13 Best 32 Inch Wide Refrigerator [Detailed Guide]

1.4 Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Stainless Steel

Category: Best stainless-steel double door refrigerator.

Best stainless-steel double door refrigerator

Hey are you looking for big refrigerator at a great price? Then this option is perfect for you, it is Haier 16.0 Cu. Ft. 4 Door Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Stainless Steel. Haier is a brand that provides you the luxury of large refrigerator storage at a great price. If you have a big family then this fridge is perfect for you.

  • Features: This refrigerator has four French doors. The top two door are big and are for refrigerator purposes. It has two sliding freezer drawers and four sliding freezer bins. If you want to defrost the ice in the fridge then it also has auto-defrost button which will melt the ice. Thee top refrigerator portion has two clear bins to store your fruits. The refrigerator has LED lighting which consumer less energy than incandescent light bulbs. It does not have ice maker.
  • Exterior: The four French doors are made up of stainless steel and the center pocket handles are also made up from black stainless steel.
  • Control panel: It has an electronic touch from which you can select multiple option. It also has Sabbath mode with door alarm

2. Frigidaire FFSS2315TE

Category: Best refrigerator with ice maker and water dispenser.

Are you bored already? I am just getting started with my option for you. So, if you someone that is looking for something fancy but standalone then this option will be prefect for you. It is Frigidaire FFSS2315TE 33 Inch Freestanding Side by Side Refrigerator with 22.1 cu. ft. Capacity.  Once you have this fridge you don’t need a water dispenser. So, let’s begin with long list of features:

  • Features: This fridge provides you with water dispenser and ice maker. The water dispenser not only provides you with cool water bit it also has water filter that purifies your water. It removes 99% of cyst and lead from your water. There is PureAir ultra filter in top corner of the fridge that purifies the air. So, your food remains healthy without a touch of pollution. As this fridge is spacious and has more compartments then it needs more light. So, it has end to end display of LED lights to make your food visible for you. This refrigerator has a counter depth design. So, it saves you almost 4 inches of space.
  • Exterior: This has side by side doors in the way of gallery style. This is made up of stainless steel.
  • Control Panel: The control panel is located above the water dispenser. It has express select type with11 buttons, water filter change indicator and air filter indicator.  

3. Fisher Paykel RF170WDLUX5

Category: Best refrigerator with active food care technology.

Will you believe me if I say that you can have an elegant refrigerator with all the looks and latest technology. Yes, I have found your dream refrigerator but at generous price, it is Fisher Paykel RF170WDLUX5 32″ 17.1 Cu. Ft. Capacity Bottom Freezer Refrigerator. The manufacturers are not only bringing innovation in their products but also making the, according to the desire of consumers.

  • Features: Sometimes in a hurry, we leave our fridge door open. So, this has ActiveSmart technology which instantly adjusts the temperature around your food. This will help your food from lasting long. We spill liquid in our fridge such as milk, coke etc. and the stains are really hard to clean. Fisher Paykel refrigerator has made the cleaning easier for us by EZKleen technology, just wipe the stain with a cloth and you are sorted. You want filtered water but doesn’t feel like buying dispenser then don’t worry this refrigerator comes with a dispenser that takes up no space.  It also comes with 2 years warranty.
  • Exterior: The exterior is made up from untouchable stainless steel and the interior are made up from glass shelves which are also easy to wipe.
  • Control Panel: The control panel is in the top center of refrigerator part from where you can defrost your fridge, Activesmart technology, control the humidity and Sabbath mode.

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4. Bossin Compact Refrigerator

Category: best 32 inch compact refrigerator for your office.

best 32 inch compact refrigerator for your office

Hey there. So, you looking for a compact fridge which fits in your dorm room, office or small apartment. My friend I got you covered; my next pick is Bossin Compact Refrigerator 3.2 cu ft. Unit Small Freezer Cooler Fridge. It is small, compact and sleek. You name a feature of compact fridge and this will have it and more.

  • Features: I know what are you thinking, it is a small fridge so it will not have much features. But let me tell you, in this fridge you can adjust the temperature of refrigerator portion from 32 degrees to 51 degrees Fahrenheit. And for the freezer portion, you can adjust it between 3 degrees to -1 degree Fahrenheit.  You can adjust the glass shelves according to the food in seven different ways. There is a transparent plastic container for your fruits. The door hinges are reversible, you can out them on either side.
  • Exterior: The exterior is made from gray stainless steel. The refrigerator is compact and sturdy.
  • Control panel: It has a knob in the top shelve of the refrigerator. This is the sole control panel of your fridge that will adjust the temperature.

5. Frigidaire FFHD2250TS

Category: Best refrigerator with even temp technology.

Best refrigerator with even temp technology

I am back with yet another Frigidaire refrigerators. They can be expensive but they are very reliable when it comes to working. My next pick for you is Frigidaire FFHD2250TS 32 inches wide French Door Refrigerator. This has total 22.5 cu. Ft of capacity. And it is a French door counter depth refrigerator. This is built-in, so, you cannot make much changes to it when it is installed. This refrigerator is contains all that can be desired by families.

  • Features: it has a built-in filter that cleans up to 99% of cyst and lead from your water. There is water dispenser and ice maker installed in the exterior of the fridge. The company claims there are 100 ways to organize your fridge. There are two crisp drawers with different humidity. Either you use it organize it side by side or on top of each other. This has a counter depth design that saves up to 4 inches of space.
  • Exterior: The refrigerator is made with stainless steel. It is sturdy but takes up space. The interior shelves are made of glass.
  • Control panel: There is a control panel to maintain the even temperature and humidity at the side of door.

6. Daewoo RTE18GSWCD Top Mount Refrigerator

Category: best stand-alone economical refrigerator.

best stand-alone economical refrigerator

So, you didn’t like any previous refrigerator option. You want something simple and economical nothing fancy. I have understood your requirement and picked this Daewoo RTE18GSWCD Top Mount Refrigerator for you. It is standard and economical refrigerator. This company is a highly respectable name in households because Daewoo has been providing quality products since ages.

  • Features: this is more than just a regular fridge. It has two humidity-controlled drawers which are transparent and you can store food and vegetables in it. There are five transparent refrigerator door bins which can store up to gallon of liquid and two transparent freezer door bins. If you want to melt the ice then there is an option for auto defrost. This will melt the ice instantly. The freezer is top mounted. The refrigerator glass shelves are adjustable. So, you can adjust the shelves according to the space required. There are LED lightening fridge. Moreover, it is energy efficient. The company provides the hauling of previous fridge and delivery and installation for free.
  • Exterior: The interior is made up from glass and plastic shelves. The exterior is made up from metal with white glossy finish.
  • Control Panel: There is a knob in the fridge that controls all the action. From this knob we can adjust Led, defrost, humidity control and coldness.

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7. Fisher Paykel RF170BRPX6N

Category: Best 32 inches wide refrigerator with sleek design.

Best 32 inches wide refrigerator with sleek design

Design and features are two things which we look in a refrigerator. If your desired features are costing you a lot of money then why not spend it on the trusted company. Fisher Paykal has been providing quality machine for 80 years. They use innovation in their production but also consider the current needs of the customers. My second pick from them is Fisher Paykel RF170BRPX6N 32 Inch Built In Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator.

  • Features: It has ActiveSmart technology to maintain the temperature of the food. This helps your food from spoiling when you have left the door open for quite some time. This fridge has all those features that were so important but we never knew we were missing. This has separate drawers for fruit and vegetables. We can maintain the humidity of each drawer because vegies and fruits need different conditions. This refrigerator cools or frost when required. Hence it consumes less energy without compromising on the food. This comes with 2 years warranty from the company on labor and part. while 5 years warranty on sealed parts.
  • Exterior: Fisher Paykel does not compromise on quality of material. The exterior is made up of stainless steel while the shelves are made up from solid glass.
  • Control panel: This has inverter-controlled compressor. The panel has options of Sabbath mode, ActiveSmart technology etc.

8. Euhomy Mini Fridge with Freezer

Category: Best compact refrigerator with LED lights.

Best compact refrigerator with LED lights

I have found yet another compact refrigerator for your dorm, room or office. This is Euhomy Mini Fridge with Freezer, 3.2 Cu.Ft Compact Refrigerator with freezer. Mini refrigerators do not consume much energy already but this one consumes even much less because of the LED lighting in the fridge.

  • Features: It has two doors. The smaller portion is freezer which is 7.1 inches in height, this can fit all your frozen foods. The lower refrigerator portion is of 17.7 inches in height. It has a two glass shelves which you can adjust according to the height of food you are storing and a transparent drawer to store your food. This mini refrigerator comes with a ice cube tray, manual and shelves. It has an LED light which consumes way less energy. It is certified by Energy star. Moreover, the company provides you with one year warranty.
  • Exterior: The doors are made up of stainless steel. It comes in a combo of two colors that are silver and black. This refrigerator is highly durable and compact.
  • Control panel: The control panel of this fridge consist of two parts: temperature control which have seven temperature settings and a switch to on/off the refrigerator.

9. GE GNE25JGKWW French Door Refrigerator

Category: Best refrigerator with installed icemaker.

Best refrigerator with installed icemaker

You also don’t like filling the ice trays all the time? Yeah me neither. So, I have found a solution for your and my problem, it is called GE GNE25JGKWW French Door Refrigerator. This fridge provides you ease in more than one way. It has two French doors which is refrigerator part. The lower portion is freezer. Let’s discuss the number of features this refrigerator have:

  • Features: Sometimes in a rush or hurry, we accidently leave the fridge door open. Now you can be at ease because this fridge will never let you leave the door open because it has a door alarm. The freezer storage has two levels of baskets which makes it easier for you to organize your fridge and reach for it easily without making any mess. This has dual level of LED lighting. This refrigerator has water filtration installed by the factory. It has internal water dispense and preinstalled ice maker. 
  • Exterior: The exterior is made up of high glossy metal. The door hinges are hidden. 
  • Control Panel: Now you don’t need to just rotate the temperature console to set the temperature. You can set the temperature according to your need with the digital display of degrees.

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10. Daewoo RTE18GSBCD Top Mount Refrigerator

Category: Best stand alone refrigerator at nominal price.

Best stand alone refrigerator at nominal price

This is another economical pick. This is my second selection of refrigerator from Daewoo. It is Daewoo RTE18GSBCD Top Mount Refrigerator. Daewoo has been one of the most trusted company over the years because it has been providing reliable and economical appliance. This refrigerator is perfect for people looking a simpler and more economical for themselves and does want anything fancy.

  • Features: This refrigerator might regular but it has all amazing features. First of all, it is a standalone fridge with top freezer. It is the most economical option present in the market. It has two separate humidity control for two drawers. As we all know vegetable needs for humid environment to remain fresh than fruit, so, you can set the humidity of both sections. There is multi air flow system in this fridge that provides even cooling to the food in all the shelves. Moreover, the company provides the free delivery and installation of the fridge.
  • Exterior:  The exterior of the fridge is made up of metal which is painted glossy black color. The interior is partially plastic and partially glass.
  • Control panel: There is an adjustable temperature console on the top of the refrigerator from which you can control temperature.

11. Fisher Paykel RF172GDUX1

Category: Best refrigerator with two freezer drawers.

 Best refrigerator with two freezer drawers

Since you are buying espresso machine for your home. So, it should suffice everyone’s coffee craving. I have to search a bit but found the perfect match you. It is Mr. Coffee All-in- One Occasions Specialty Pods Coffee Maker. This coffee machine can make espressos, cappuccinos and lattes. This machine is compact, versatile and reliable. It is three in one coffee machine.

  • Features: This refrigerator uses ActiveSmart technology. With the knowledge of how much you open your fridge will adjust the temperature around the food. It helps to keep your food fresh for a longer period of time. This refrigerator is energy star certified. It also has door alarm, multiple adjustment of shelves and internal ice maker. The exterior has sleek water dispenser for filtered water.
  • Exterior: The exterior of this machine is made up from stainless steel. The interior is made up from solid glass.
  • Control panel: There is a smart touch control panel from which you can select the temperature, sabbath mode and LED lighting.   

12. Daewoo RFS-26ABT French Door Refrigerator

Category: Best French door refrigerator at nominal price.

Best French door refrigerator

Are you looking for a big, spacious and sleek fridge at nominal price? Then this must be it for you, my third pick from Daewoo is Daewoo RFS-26ABT French Door Bottom Mount Refrigerator. It is 32 inches depth refrigerator that will save you 4 inches of space and is reliable. The price is also nominal.

  • Features: Big refrigerator means more cleaning. But cleans has become easier with Daewoo RFS-26ABT because it has anti finger prints exterior. You just need to wipe it and it is clean. It has separate bins for your fruits, vegetables and dairy. And we can set different humidity for each drawer. You don’t need to buy an ice maker because this fridge has an allocated freezer drawer for ice. You can store up to gallon of bottles or cartons in it without worrying about space.
  • Exterior: The exterior is made up from stainless steel which is extremely easy to clean. The interior is made up from thick glass.
  • Control Panel: There is separate cooling zones and humidity center for each section in the refrigerator. You can control it through the button available in refrigerator portion.

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13. Norcold 1210SS – RV Refrigerator

Category: Best two doors refrigerator with top freezer.

Best two doors refrigerator with top freezer

Hey. Finally, we have reached the end. This is our last option for you. If you have not made you mind yet then I hope this will help. It is Norcold 1210SS – RV Refrigerator – 12 cu. ft. – 4-Door – Stainless Steel. This refrigerator has a unique design. This company started off as a small business selling refrigerators to marine and ships. Now after 70 years, it has become a leading selling company.

  • Features: The first thing that comes to our notice is the intriguing design. It has total four doors. The top two doors are for freezer. These four doors help to keep the cold air trapped inside. The fridge has LED lighting. So, it consumes less energy than normal incandescent light bulbs. Moreover, you can increase or decrease the lightening according to your choice. The doors and shelves are removable. They provide maximum adjustment opportunity.
  • Exterior: The Norcold 1210SS – RV Refrigerator has embedded steel exterior that protects your fridge from corrosion, scratches and bending.
  • Control Panel: There is a LED control panel that allows to increase or decrease the intensity of light. 

Types of refrigerator

There are many types of refrigerator available in the market from which you can buy according to your choice. The types are mentioned below:

  • Top freezer refrigerator: There are top freezer refrigerator available in the market. They are more economical and basic in style. These are traditional style refrigerator that are available in most homes because they are cheaper type of refrigerator and have wide compartments. But you have to bend down to reach the refrigerator part.
  • Bottom freezer refrigerator: In this type of refrigerators, the freezer is present at the bottom. This provides the ease to reach the refrigerator part easily. But you have to bend down to reach the freezer part but it will not be that big of a problem because this part is not used often.
  • Side by side refrigerator: side by side refrigerators are best for people with small kitchen space. It takes less space but it will not fit big storage boxes.
  • Built-in refrigerator: If you want sleek and modern look in your kitchen then built-in refrigerators should be your only choice. These refrigerators come in variety of door options and styles. They are expensive and provide less storage. There are cabinet-depth refrigerators that are not built-in and less expensive. But the storage space remains the same.
  • Compact refrigerator: These are small refrigerators that are perfect for your office, dorms or bedroom.

Things to consider while choosing a refrigerator:

Refrigerator comes in variety of sizes, shapes, and types. You can select a refrigerator according to your personal choice and needs. If you are living alone then you should go for big refrigerator because you will be wasting space of your house and fridge as well. So, consider following thing while purchasing a refrigerator:

  • Family: before buying a refrigerator, you should consider things such as the number of people living in the house. It will help you decide the size of fridge that your house needs.
  • Size of storage unit: Each refrigerator indicates the capacity of storage unit. So, before buying a refrigerator go through the capacity of the compartment. If you are going to use freezer more than you should go for side by side refrigerator with more freezer storage.
  • Adjustable shelves: Go for something that can be adjusted according to your preference. The refrigerator you are using should have adjustable racks. So, you can increase or decrease the space according to your choice.
  • Drawer: The refrigerator you are choosing should contain drawers. So, that you can organize your fridge and make it look cleaner and less cluttered. In some fridges, there are separate temperature controllers for the drawers in which you can stores your frozen good such meat, veggies etc. Some refrigerators have drawers that can come out pretty easily, so, you can look at the things present at the back.
  • Reviews: if you are shopping at online stores such as amazon, look for the reviews and rating. Go down and see what other users have to say about the refrigerator you are going to buy.
  • Dispenser or ice-maker: if you keen on buying a built-in refrigerator then you should decide between the dispenser or icemaker. Please also know that whichever you choose, they will cost you more on the maintenance of changing of the filter.

How to install a refrigerator for the first time?

If you are reading this then it means you have purchased the refrigerator. Now it has come in the mail, congratulation. So, it is time to find a good spot for your newly arrived fridge in kitchen. Installing refrigerator is not difficult only if you know how to do this. Follow the given step and you will be done with installing in no time.

  • Unpack your fridge outside. By outside I mean in the garage or lounge where you have space. Remove the card board and all other thing that come with the fridge. Incase your fridge does not work properly and you might need to return it. So, keep the card board and other packaging aside. Remove all plastic drawers and rack because installation will be easy. Please DO NOT remove the plastic from the fridge door because it will protect your fridge from getting damage.
  • After you are done with this, move your refrigerator to the kitchen. Either use a dolly or hand truck for this purpose. NEVER EVER take your refrigerator in upside down position or lay out position because it will mess up cooling system inside. If your kitchen is on first floor and you have to go through the stairs even then try to take it in as straight as possible.
  • Some of therefrigerators are too big to enter through the entry way. All the refrigerators are designed that their doors can be removes. They are connected through a bolt, just remove the bolt and the doors will be removed. After this, refrigerator will be thin and pass through the entry way easily.
  • Double check the measurements of the area where you will be putting your refrigerator. Now match the measurements with the fridge. There should be a little gap because it allows the heat to circulate that the refrigerator is removing from the food.
  • Once you are done measuring the space, put your fridge in front of it. Connect the water and electricity lines with the fridge. Once you done, push it in.

Factors that indicates your refrigerator is dead:

Are you not sure about buying a new refrigerator just because your old one is having some problem? There are some factors that surely indicate that your old fridge is on dead bed. These problems may cost you more than you know. So, it is important to see the factors first and let go of the oldie.

  • The first sign that your fridge is having problem is that your food is going bad before the expiration date. But don’t be hasty, check if the temperature inside the refrigerator is between 37 to 41 degrees or check the seal of fridge. Seal keeps the warm air outside and cold air inside. It is way easier and cheap for you to replace seal than the whole unit.
  • Your freezer should exactly have a temperature of 0 degree. So, if your feel that your freezer is way to cold then it means that something is definitely wrong with it. Give a call to your technician and let him assess the problem.
  • There is a motor in the back of your fridge. If your have never heard the motor since you bought the fridge and out of nowhere you are listening to all these noises then it means your refrigerator is having a problem. So, it is better getting your fridge checked.
  •  The back of your fridge is hotter than the front because this is the part where your motor is present. But if the back is so hot that it cannot be touch then it is a sign of malfunction. This usually happens when the ventilation is not working, the coil needs repairing or condenser is dirty.
  • If your electricity bill suddenly goes up then do not blame the fans or AC. It may be due to the malfunctioning of your refrigerator. This happens when the gasket stops working than the fan, evaporator, thermostat needs to work more and they consume more electricity.


We have reached the end of our article. Refrigerators cost fortune. So, make sure you are buying a good one. If you see even a slightest of problem with it then immediately call the customer care of the company. Don’t panic, explain the problem you are having with your refrigerator. They may be able to solve it on the phone. If it doesn’t go away then without a second thought claim your warranty and send it back. You should be using appliance that you are truly satisfied with. Important note before I say goodbye is that do not just go for looks, your refrigerator should offer you more than just making your kitchen looking good. Make sure you buy only what is required for you. With that being said, goodbye.


Is it necessary to stand your fridge for 24 hours?

No, it is not necessary to stand your fridge for 24 hours. If your fridge has been put in side position for like 2 hours then you should stand you fridge for 2 hours before starting it on. But if your fridge has been transported to you in upright position then just it for 30 minutes to an hour before starting it.

Are we supposed to put food in the fridge when it is cool?

Fridge is a machine that is designed to cool your food. Leaving you food to cool down at room temperature will only promote bacteria in your food. So, just let it sit out for maximum 2 hours and then put it in the refrigerator.

How long does it take for a refrigerator to get cold?

After you are done installing your fridge, set the temperature of the fridge according to the temperature mentioned in the manual guide that comes with it. Your fridge will take around 24 hours to get cold.

Why we have to let fridge settle for 30 minutes to an hour?

There is oil in the compressor of your appliance. It may get leaked due to the movement of fridge. So, if you will not allow the time for your fridge to settle down and turn it on immediately then the oil may cause blockage in other parts.


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