AFA Stainless 33 Kitchen Sink And Pull Down Faucet Combo Review


In this article we have covered a detailed review for the most popular faucet in the market : AFA Stainless 33 Kitchen Sink And Pull Down Faucet Combo!!

When you renovate your kitchen, you will inevitably have to buy many things, one of which is the Sink and it’s accessories. When searching for the right one, it’s essential to consider a few key points such as durability, endurance, quality, and strength. No one wants an electrical or plumbing nightmare when they’re in their home. Also, we all love a good bit of style and design, so finding something with both of these qualities is also essential and not always an easy task!

A lot of people often struggle to find the right kitchen sink that’s durable and fits into their particular budget. The AFA Stainless Kitchen Sink & Faucet Combo is an excellent option for homeowners who want a product that will really last, especially as this one doesn’t rust!

You will be the proud owner of a handcrafted designer piece that includes all sorts of quality materials, including an extra thick stainless steel and a water-saving technology (RollerMat) that prevents rusting and staining from occurring. Buying this outstanding product also comes with a lifetime guarantee! Shopping for new additions to your kitchen? Why don’t you take a closer look at this fantastic Sink + Faucet Combo for your kitchen needs!

Product Overview

AFA Stainless 33″ Kitchen Sink and Pull Down Faucet Combo

AFA is a company focused on designing, manufacturing and distributing the best kitchen sinks and accessories. They have created AFA Stainless 33″ Kitchen Sink and Pull Down Faucet with an All-In-One installation system for your kitchen, which will make things much easier for you to install.

Also included are stainless steel accessories that are designed to match the Sink’s pattern. This 33mm radius sink is constructed from extremely durable 18G high-quality handcrafted stainless steel with 18/8 Chromium and Nickel alloy, ensuring imperviousness to corrosion or rust. What sets this sink and pull-down faucet apart from other brands on the market are their easy-to-clean rounded corners and the multi-level sound deadening technology that makes sure every meal prepared in your new kitchen is quieter than ever before!

This all-in-one sink combo comes with everything you need to tackle those messy projects around the house. It includes a 33″ professional series sink that has been constructed out of T-304 stainless steel and is perfect for long-lasting everyday use, as well as a commercial-grade faucet that can reliably fulfill your needs and feed water at an optimal rate of 2.2 GPM in an effortless stream.

This is done with the assistance of a flexible hose, braided stainless steel supply lines that have been factory connected, a roller mat to produce a smooth surface and prevent objects from sliding off onto the ground, a bottom grid to aid in draining and filtering out any undesirable elements like small spills or debris, installation clips along with screws and detailed mounting templates so you don’t ever get lost on how best to begin set up!

What’s Included?

  • Faucet/ Tap
  • Soap Dispenser
  • Basket Strainer
  • Basin Rack/Bottom Grid
  • Drain Assembly/ Waste
  • Trap/Water trap
  • Mounting Hardware Included


  • Top-quality German Fluhs ceramic cartridges ensure smooth and leak-free use for thousands of cycles.
  • Constructed of T-304-grade stainless steel, this Sink is meant to be tough and hold up well against the abuse it can be subjected to daily.
  • 16oz soap dispensers are made with stainless steel pump heads that make a nice sink-side presence.
  • Premium quality 1-basket strainer with open/close stopper – made from durable stainless steel 304 T. This product comes with a double installation gasket seal and premium brushed finish, therefore it fits a standard 3 ½” drain opening.
  • The magnetic docking system securely locks a pullout spray head into place tightly on any sink with a curved front surface more often than not.
  • Using the hose and one-handed control valve, you can wash larger areas.
  • An excellent kitchen upgrade, this pull-down/retractable spray head is a Swiss-made Neoperl aerator stream and comes with an elastomeric anti-siphon check valve.
  • No more scrubbing dirty dishes and dealing with a sink full of steaming hot water. Take the stress out of cleaning with this powerful spray nozzle.
  • With a one-handle design, you can easily change the temperature and pressure of the steam. This makes it easy to adjust water temperature even when your hands are full with washing dishes or doing other tasks.

What Could Have Been Better?

The AFA Stainless Kitchen Sink & Faucet Combo is a rarely-found product in terms of its style, quality, and overall performance. However, the sink combo’s price tag may be a significant drawback for many customers who are looking for a more affordable yet still great quality sink option. So if you’re on the market for this Kitchen Sink & Faucet Combo, we would definitely suggest that you make sure your budget will allow you to fit this high-quality model into your spending plan along with everything else that’s important to you!

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Why Go For This Dual Mount Kitchen Sink & Faucet Combo?


One of the best things about the AFA product is that it doesn’t require the quarrying of minerals and rocks. It doesn’t create a disturbance to the environment or require massive amounts of energy. And the AFA material is recyclable. Furthermore, AFA’s based products don’t require any purification schemes to be put into place so your money will not be invested in anything that would endanger future generations.

This kitchen sink and faucet combo is ideal for environmentally-conscious customers like you who might be concerned about the toxins (i.e. lead) that “leach” into the water in traditional faucets made of copper which could put your loved ones at risk physically as well as emotionally.

Top-Notch Quality

This heavy-duty Kitchen Sink & Faucet is manufactured with the highest quality T-304 stainless steel in order to prevent damage from the influence of time and frequency of use and retain its structural strength. The alloy itself contains high levels of wear resistance, which protect against corrosion and deterioration by acidic elements.

This brand’s primary goal is to please its customers by providing high-quality kitchen essentials that are environmentally friendly. Another added advantage is that these products are made from a special blend of steel and durable polymers, meaning they will not leave bits of metal behind when you’re finished using them and are thus better for the environment. It has been handmade by artisans in order to offer customers a precise and clean finish.

Aesthetic Beauty

When you buy a product from AFA, you can be certain that it will be not only one of the finest products around but also something that is built well. For example, this commercial grade stainless steel sink is made out of the best quality materials for superior longevity and it has a great aesthetic appeal as well.

It’s able to withstand harsh conditions over time, and even after several years, many years even, or use the Sink will still look good because it resists rusting, so you don’t have to worry about needing to replace your Sink any time soon.

Since the finish of this new set is so smooth and shiny that it won’t easily get scratched or dented. In addition, the wax finish ensures the comfort of operation and overall durability of all the hardware that comes with this kit.

Easy To Clean And Maintain

A sink is a place of the home that’s often neglected because it can seem like an inconvenient place to clean; but with all the food and dishes people use it for that come into contact with its inner surfaces, it gets very dirty on a daily basis. You might not be able to see these germs with your naked eye, but they’re there and they spread really easily.

Also, when you’re using the Sink to wash your hands or prepare food intakes, germs from other foods have a way of spreading onto things you touch after washing up without being aware. So if you want the peace of mind knowing your family and pets are staying healthy, make sure you clean out the Sink regularly!

Sometimes, no matter how well you take care of your cookware, accidents happen. Food gets stuck in between the cracks of your utensils and even on your pots which can be a health hazard. For example, if you ever find yourself dealing with this kind of situation, boiling water with a few drops of dish soap or a vinegar/baking soda mixture followed by putting them through the Sink’s garbage disposal. This way you can make your kitchen clean.


In terms of resilience, one of the highlight features of a stainless steel sink and Faucet is its ability to withstand wear and tear. If you are someone who uses their Sink on a daily basis, this material is bound to make your life easier since it won’t succumb to chipping, denting, cracking, or warping meaning that it ensures a long life!

In the kitchen, there are several instances where you might accidentally bang your pots and pans in the Sink, however, having a stainless steel pot means that you won’t have to worry about unsightly dings.

Should You Buy Afa Stainless 33 Kitchen Sink And Pull-Down Faucet Combo Or Not?

There are many kitchen sink and faucet combo sets available in the market. Some of them are inexpensive while some are expensive. It is not always easy to find the best Combo. But the Afa Stainless 33 kitchen sink and faucet combo is one of the best combos available. This Combo is the ultimate package for your kitchen. Not only it is a high-end stainless steel faucet, but it is a 33-inch kitchen sink that fits all your kitchen needs.

This Sink and Faucet has a beautiful design and is compatible with all types of kitchen cabinets. The Faucet has a pull-down design that helps you clean your kitchen sink with ease. The Faucet will save you more space as you don’t need to purchase separate faucets for the kitchen sink and the dishwasher. If you are looking for a kitchen sink that is functional, beautiful and long-lasting, then the Afa Stainless 33 is the right choice for you.

See what Daniel give review about this product: I was looking for a new sink for my kitchen, so I thought I would check out to see what they had to offer. I found a pretty decent sink that seemed to have a lot of good reviews and decided to give it a try.

However, before I even bought the Sink I noticed that there was a faucet combo that they were offering. I decided to take advantage of that, because why not save a little bit of money. If you want to see my review on the Faucet, you can check it out here. The Sink was really easy to install and it looks great. I really like the pull-down faucet. I am very happy with my purchase and would recommend it to anyone.

Final Verdict

In renovating your kitchen, you might want to choose the AFA Stainless Steel Sink and Faucet Combo. We recommend this product not only because of its incredible durability, ease of maintenance, and lack of noise resultant when running the Faucet.

This product is within a fairly high price point in comparison to some other products on the market today that offer similar benefits. But we cannot deny that there are plenty of wonderful benefits which makes it well worth every penny!

We love this product for how long-term its performance is as well as its ability to withstand everyday punishment and wear and tear. It’s like having an investment that will last longer than most other products in its class; it’s one of the best kitchen products that you can get in the market today.

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